Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Painted Bunting

Painted Bunting (male)
Passerina ciris

More painted bunting photos here.


live4evermom said...

Now that is a beautiful bird. Great picture.

Diane Meyer said...

What gorgeous photography, and even more than that, look at the beautiful things the Lord has created! Thank you for sharing them with us. Also thank you for your very kind words on my blog this morning. You were very encouraging to me.
Diane Meyer

Elizabeth Joy said...

Beautiful! What a wonderful Creator. Have you see the Wildflowers in Winter event going on over at my blog. You might have fun with it.

Anna Martinson said...

these are all really really good pictures mrs. pat!! yeah, and we can go to games together YAY! thanks a lot, and love you too :)

A Bee said...

Your photographs are beautiful. Will pop in again soon.
also found at

Anonymous said...

Those birds are stunning?
Your own photos? The photographs are stunning as well!

Anonymous said...

You have amazing pictures here!! Such beautiful detail and color. I hope you don't mind I've listed a link to your blog on my own photo blog (

~ Lisa

Jamie {See Jamie blog} said...

I've still yet to see one of these in REAL life. Beautiful.